The VCB need your help!

The Vespa Club of Britain is currently going through many changes include a change in the staff that run it!

We are sending out questionnaires with the Vespa News over the next couple of issues to get feedback from our current members but we also welcome feedback from non-members too; especially new Scooterists/young people who would like to get more involved.

Here are the questions we are asking on the questionnaire:

1. Membership Number:

2. Do you ever use your Members Benefits?

3. Do you currently attend any VCB run Events?

4. Do you currently enter the VCB Attendance Awards?

5. What do you currently like about the VCB?

6. What don’t you currently like about the VCB?

7. What would you like to see changed about the VCB?

8. Who from the Scootering Community do you think would make a good Committee Member and help take the VCB forward?

Please send your answers on an email to:

Thanks Jo Daines


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