My Day with the Red Arrows

Thursday 30th September 2010 up at 6am for a foggy cold ride to Exeter where at 10.30am the Red Arrows scooter tour riders were due for their 1st stop after leaving Lands End.
I arrived to find Exeter town center a pedestrian area, so were do I go? A tap on my shoulder revealed the Red Arrow photographer who kindly gave me directions for the stop.
I just parked up when they arrived, what a thrill they waved & sounded their horns at me, after they parked up several of them came over to me and chatted as to where I came from etc and thanked me for being there.
I was invited to ride with them onward to Bristol, I explained that it was the wrong direction for my home trip but found they would be traveling on the A303, my road back home, but I also thought it not quite right and agreed to follow them instead.
I showed them my Farnborough VC stickers, this proved to be very popular as they fly from there, plus the air show, so several were handed out, I later noticed some had been placed on the rear seats of the vespas.
By now there more people around taking photos and collecting autographs, but managed to get Kirsty Moore the 1st female pilot to pose next to my Red Arrow LX.
I would love to fly with the Red Arrows but know that would not happen, but was honored and thrilled to have ridden with them, truly Vespa heaven.

Hexagoon Pete

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